If you start SEO and SEM, then both are very confusing terms for you because digital marketing is not a quicky learning item, its understanding, and gain knowledge with time.

Hi guys, if you want to know about SEO and SEM.

Because most bloggers ask common questions, “what is different in SEO and SEM.

If you got this blog topic, then let’s start an argument.

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What is SEM?

SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEM is used for both SEO and PPC. These two terms apply mainly to search for marketing. When we use paid for advertising in the search engine result this term as understand, it is generally used as pay per click (PPC) ads in the search engine.

 In this post, we will define first “SEM=SEO+PPC” as we think about more liberalism pointed.


Actively speaking, compare SEO and SEM. This is a wrong question that if you do not compare SEO and SEM because of SEO, the part of SEM. There is no comparison between them.

Regardless that, Both terms are compared because these terms are the same similarity.

That way, more people searching “what is different between SEO and SEM.”

  1. Organic search marketing(SEO)
  2. Paid search marketing(PPC)


This is the main difference between SEO and PPC-


  • Organic search
  • Traffic gain with time
  • Ongoing Process
  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Free/low cost


  • Paid Positions
  • Immediate traffic
  • Immediate results
  • a one-time setup
  • Only paid service


Search engine marketing includes both the SEO and PPC method. The SEM is an idea which is help to boom your online selling product.

  • SEO and PPC contribute to boost your website in the search engine for visibility and gain traffic and also gain sells.
  • SEO is a process which takes more time. SEO is not one day process, so you take time and work continuously.
  • PPC is a paid service; this is immediate reflect results. PPC takes for your goal to reach in short of time, but if you want to way up to the highest position, this is possible to only SEO.
  • Both strategies are required more work. SEO going continue and PPC campaign is one-time setup after PPC campaign ended you are doing continuous SEO strategies.

Let’s start to define every term what is each concept in details and how are they use in essential market practice.

What is SEO?

SEO term is search engine optimization. SEO is to apply your website and blog for ranking a search engine without any cost investing.

When you do SEO on your website, then you optimize your blog and website because without good optimize your website, google’s bots can’t find your website and read your content properly.

SEO Mainly work in three points-

  • On-page SEO
  • Content creation and keyword research
  • Off-page SEO and Link building

Note- SEO gets you free traffic. and SEO and SEM gain your aim

ON-page SEO

On-page SEO is an implement on the individual page only.

This page can small change as you can title tag, meta tag and others. Then you can improve your website’s readability and make perfect internal links.

Also, you refer to setting and optimizing of user experience on your website as-

  • Page speed
  • Site architecture
  • Mobile friendly
  • Use of https
  • etc

Content Creation and Keyword research

The quality content is one of the most crucial factors for SEO ranking, so you required quality content before well optimized your page.

You understand why creating quality content because it’s necessary for SEO strategy.

To find a content topic, and you must use the right keyword in your content—this process called keyword research.

When you get and using a keyword such point, you remember-

  • High search volume
  • Rankable on search engine
  • Suitable for your content and website

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is that you can work after publishing your article as link building, social bookmarking, etc. and gain authority for your website.

Usually, Link building is the most crucial part of the off-page seo process; that process is only for increasing backlink from other websites. Still, our priority that website is high authority.

You try to build high authority quality backlinks, not just gain number count backlinks.

That is depending on your website performance and impact of all links source; you can also increase your brand value and your social following and bookmarking.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click. PPC is an advertising model. That allows the marketers to place ads in search engine results, and when ads are clicked, then they will be charged.

The main aim of PPC your website visibility is an increase in a search engine by paid ads. That appears above the organic search results.

what is ppc

SEO and PPC’s main difference is SEO, which is gain traffic for free, but with PPC, you are gain click for paid. PPC cost depends on keywords.

Which keyword more searchable that price may be high when clicking your ads, then you pay for this click, which means you pay per person click your ads.

If you do not know how to use PPC, then you do not do this first, do SEO properly after that you use PPC.

  • The bid for highly competitive keywords; you are not able to rank this keyword on the search engine.
  • Execute time- susceptive campaign you need to quicked and precisely targeted.
  • Boost brand value uses PPC to focusing your branding, and your company names both.

Which are best for digital marketers

This time to talk about these uses, sometimes is better PPC with seo and occasionally use PPC is better to SEO, but most time use both are effective. Let’s start one by one:

What time use SEO is more effective

Usually, SEO is the best strategy if you want results stable and useful for a long time. These are no matter you are using PPC or not; SEO is a good thing.

If you follow page setup by using seo steps, you are updating then increase your rank and brand value.

What time use PPC

If you want to get traffic instantly and one page or product visibility high, then you use PPC.

If you’re going to get the audience’s attention and tell about your offer for a time-period before the deadline by paid advertising.

In last, I tell you that your decision to use PPC is better for your transaction-related keywords that appose to informational. but your website never grows in time with PPC.

SEM strategy

Of course, you take the SEM package- both SEO and PPC. SEO and PPC are not competing with each other. It must be completed by each other.

SEM strategy

You are taking the complete SEO with SEM, but you also mention part of your time to paid advertising space.


Guys, in this post, I will try to define the difference between SEM, SEO, and PPC.

SEO is the part of SEM that means if anybody can ask, “what is the difference between SEM and SEO.” Then you can ask that question is wrong because of the SEO part of SEM.

And, I am talking in detail about PPC. PPC is the paid strategy and one-time setup.

If anybody can ask that PPC is a benefit for SEO, then you can ask “NO” because it’s not got an organic search result and its only advertising strategy.