What is SEO

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SEO stand for search engine optimization If you want to understand about. Then first you need what a search engine is: it is a tool used to search information on internet, by entering normally a search keyword like a word or more than word that display on search results from more than one websites. 

The search results showed on many pages. Many search engines are introduce on internet and every time a new search engine appears in different forms, but the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Example: Google is the most popular search engine, when you search for something you find in the first 10 results of a page.

Have you ever asked yourself why this website is located in # 1, and the other is # 5 in the result, or on the second page as a result of your search for example?

The answer in Search Engine Optimization is control. SEO creates the sites for the search engines and makes your site more compatible with all the search engines by doing some actions on your site, to reach the results on the first pages of the results of the different search engines.

SEO basics are applied to websites to get more visitors and get special scores in first search results.

What is SEO?

SEO full form is “Search Engine Optimization”; this is a process of higher rank in the top position of SERP. That means you will increase your website quality and quantity of traffic from organic search results.

What’s goes into SEO?

For a deep understanding of SEO definition, let’s break in three parts:

Quality Traffic:- In that form you are gaining relevant visitors on your website, that means, if you are providing SEO service, so anyone searches on google “SEO experts in India” then google your website ranking on the first page, and you gain relevant visitors who are interested in your SEO products.

Quantity Traffic:- When you are visible on top ranking search engine results. You gain more and more traffic from search engines.

Organic Result:- You gain traffic without any ads. That is organic traffic. You gain organic traffic because you are showing the top of search engines results without paying money. That means if you rank any specific keyword on search engines that is an organic result.

Worldwide searching market share


Google search engine market share is very high 92.07% of all search engine search contribution.

And others- search engine rest 7.93%

Optimizing visibility in search engine

If an internet user searches in the search engine, it may not be possible to click through pages and search results on the search page in a familiar way. That's means if you do not optimize your pages and website. Then very little chance to user visited your pages or website.

SEO helps your page optimize and improve your search rank.

How does a search engine work?

As we know, search engines provide us with relevant content if you search for any keyword or ask questions. Search engines provide you with relevant and authoritative content related to your search or query.

All search engines use robots which crawl all websites and collect all information and analyze relevant content and authority and make these websites in increasing order. 

It's important to note all search engines don't disclose their algorithms. That's actually how it works.

Optimizing for organic search CTR

SEO is making search engine results relevant to your user, who search query on the search engine so more visibility, more organic click through on your page. Page optimizing by SEO is two way -

  1. On page
  2. Off page

Types of SEO strategies

Black Hat

  • Copying Content from other website
  • Key words and theme out of parts of the content
  • Building a plumber link in an annoying and contriving manner
  • Redirecting visitor to other site will differ from content and link title

White Hat

  • Write the strong content related to the article of title
  • Attention to the satisfaction of the most distant visitor and attention to pictures to attract him
  • By satisfying the further visitor, the people of buck link in powerful websites related to the website content 
  • Attention to the rules and corrent pronunciation while writing
  • Configuring page codes correctly

Types of SEO

Many factors affect SEO, and all aspects are considered in those two types of SEO.

All SEO experts recommended your SEO strategy should contain a cocktail of tactics. That tactic is divided into two parts, on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

An on-page strategy, which you implement yourself on your blogs like blog design, metadata, internal linking, and many more.

Off-page SEO strategy which you take action after publishing your blog. That action is done outside your blog or websites.

Both help to drive your blog or website traffic. And give to google ultimate single for your website authority to improve.

  • On page SEO 
  • Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

  • Promotion Through Forums
  • Entering a Website in a Search Engine
  • Article Directory
  • Website Directory
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Excessive use of social media
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Inbound Links
  • Anchor Text
  • Link Quality
  • Link Building Speed

On page SEO

  • Link your keywords to URLs
  • Use LSI keywords
  • Make long content
  • Use H1 Tag in the title
  • Optimize your title tag for click-through rate
  • Use External Link
  • Use Internal Link
  • Minimize page load Time
  • Use Various Multimedia content

What is Canonical Tags?

A canonical tag("rel canonical") such a way to ask search engines about that URL content is original. Many URLs using similar and duplicate content. That why I use the canonical tag to stop such problems.

How to implement SEO

First talk about how you implement SEO on your website. This is the best practice for your website. So that your website is easily navigable and provides the most value to your user and clearly presents the information which you deliver to your visitor.

SEO is very effective on your website, which gives professionals a look at your website. Here I tell you about some initial steps.

Keyword research

The keyword is the most important step that you understand and implement SEO by doing keyword research.

Keyword research is a process to find a relevant and the best word for your blog topics. In this step, you explore keywords by professional keyword research tools.

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