You are thinking about how to fast indexing your new blog and backlinks in google, bing, Yandex, and other search engines.

You don’t have ping submission sites to fast index your new blog post and backlinks in google, bing, Yandex, and other major search engines.

No issue I will give ping submission sites.

You submitted your website, new blog, and backlinks easy to indexed on papular search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines and RSS feed directories in a natural way.

You want to know about that.

Ok, I tell you.

I will show you in this post that how to does ping submission.

I will share with you 2020 top ping submission sites in this post.

So that your blog will be index and crowded in search engines

What is the Ping submission site in SEO?

If a blogger wants to crawl fast and index his website, blogs, and backlinks in google, bing, yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines too.

Then Ping submission is an easy way to do this.

Ping submission sites

That time topic is “what is ping submissions site in SEO”.

I say in an easy word-

The ping submission site is to help blogger, so that does index and crawl to his website, blog and backlinks easy and fast in google, bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and other search engines.

“Pinging mainly saying hello to others. in SEO, your website introduces a search engine to your new blog and backlinks and all your blog-related content. So that search engine index and crawl the same.”

Easy to use ping submission technique in WordPress and Blogger

Don’t worry about your website if you use the ping submission site.

No effect on your website like hacking, speed, and security related issues from ping submissions.

If you use the ping submission site, then it helps you to rank your website and blogs.

How to help you ping submission

  • Boost your website rank in search engine rankings and get traffic from search.
  • We are indexing various search engines at a time.
  • Improve visibility of your website and blog in search engines.
  • Increase a unique organic visitor on your website and blog.
  • Increase the backlink quality of your website by search engine submission.

Fast index to a search engine for a new website

  • Your websites verifies in the google search console and indexing on search engine.
  • Create your website sitemap with the help of the SEO plugin and google sitemap.
  • It is submitted in the RSS feed.
  • Your website submitted on the directories submission site.

You can read

How to make ping submission 

I think you understand why to use ping submissions?

That time how to use the perfect way to the ping submission process.

So that you give the best result in a short time.

I am showing some pictures to make you understand the right process.


Pingler is one of the best ping submission sites. Very easy to submit your blog in various categories.

But you select a keyword and your blog category to submitted many search engines. Pingler is a paid tool but uses to free, but it’s limited or creates a user’s account.


Pingomatic is the best and free tool to ping submission your blog.

WordPress also recommends it.

Ping o matic is only targeting your keyword to a ping search engine, and RSS directories both.


totalping is one of the authoritative ping submission sites.

On this site, you submitted your blog URL, keyword, and RSS URL.

After submitting your site to this submission site, this is to push up your website in various search engines.

Ping submission video tutorial

How to use in WordPress by easy steps

If you create your websites on WordPress and you want faster indexing your blog’s content and get organic traffic from google.

When you post your content on your blog, then your blog post URL links are automatically submitted on numerous search engines, and your post-show on organic search engine visibility.

I will show you step by step process of your WordPress websites.

First, you come to your WordPress dashboard

And click setting.


After clicking on the setting then you click on the writing


Then open this box and already mention pingomatic URL and press enter. 

Ping submission

And you copy all submission site and paste here.

After paste, you click the save button.

Ping Submission Sites

S.N.Top Ping Sites Lists


Q1. What is Ping Submission?

It is a method you follow and quickly submit your websites, blog, and backlinks. Sometimes your website, blog or backlink is not found anywhere that means it is not indexed on any search engine, benefits of ping is submitted your blog numerous search engine from one platform.

Q2. How to find a ping list of URLs?

You can find on my post 65+ sites; when you submit your article on these sites, submit numerous directory sites.

Q3. Can I earn the quality backlink from ping submission?

No, Ping submission doesn’t give you backlinks but this is very important for your blog and website because this helps you to index your new website or new blog post link to various search engines in the world from one place.


Friends, ping submission, is 60% effective for submission directly on search engines. But you can create backlinks and posts indexed on search engines easily by using spam-free ping submission sites lists 2021.

I share above 65+ free ping submission site 2021 is very important for you to index your website and posts. Which is helps you to increase organic traffic on your website and post.

So, guys, I think you enjoy this article. Share your thought in the comment box and share that post on your social media and tag me.