In this post, I will discuss LSI keywords and how to use it. Many bloggers tell you about LSI keywords. But I will tell you what you do and what you don't. 

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I will describe its use and how to get effective keywords and generate If you use Latent semantic indexing keyword, you get your post index more keyword, increase your post reach, and get more traffic from search engines.

When you write a new article or update an old article that is almost dead, you can use the LSI keyword and boost its reach and increase its ranking and traffic.

Let's start-

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI stands for Latent semantic indexing, this term below to science and mathematics. That word meaning is the same thing, LSI keyword is similar to your focus keyword so that it boosts your content and gets more traffic from search engines.

You must use the LSI keyword which correlates your target topic when you use that then search engines analyze your content and identify your content and realize your website is relevant to the search topic.

But many people think LSI is a synonym of their target keywords, but it is not true because LSI keyword is a target intent keyword.

What to don't for LSI keyword

When you use the LSI keyword, then you must be careful what don't do.

1. Don't use irrelevant keywords

When you use keywords in your content, you must focus on relevant keywords related to your focus keyword.

2. Don't use more synonyms in your LSI keyword research

Most SEO guys know LSI keyword is his primary keyword's synonyms, but the LSI keyword is a group of relevant keywords but does not change its original goal.

You must use the most intent keyword group but don't forget its primary goal.

3. Don't overuse LSI keywords in your content

You know keyword staffing when you use LSI keyword then you face keyword stuffing, and your article on-page SEO is not right, so your content is not ranked on search engines.

4. Please don't use it without knowing intent

When you use the LSI keyword, you must know intent that means your article has a primary keyword. But you understand what your article is a review article, information, affiliate article.

Every article has a different intent so you must identify that before using it.

5. Don't use misleading keywords

When you write a blog post, you use a primary keyword and minimum 4 secondary keywords and use LSI keyword. Still, many people focus its search intent but concentrate on your content relevant LSI keyword.

What you Do

When you use the LSI keyword, you must follow the points and make them more powerful.

1. Use Relevant keyword phrases

You find LSI keywords, you must focus on your primary keyword, and you must use all those keywords' phrases related to your primary keyword and your content.

When you start the keyword research, focus on keyword intent and what you want to deliver your audience and what you want from him.

2. Keyword LSI uses the right place

When you write a post, you must use the LSI keyword, but its placing is essential when you place your keyword in the right place, then it helps your post to rank on search engines.

What Place the LSI keyword makes a perfect post.

  •  If you want to rank a particular topic or post, you can use it.
  • It would help if you used it in your post heading.
  • You can use that type of keyword as an image anchor tag.
  • It can also be used in URLs, with a target keyword.
  • You can use your alt text, file name, and image titles.
  • It would help if you used it in your post description.

How to find relevant LST keywords for your content

You plan to write a post, and first, you select topic and research keywords, select some LSI keywords, and focus and find relevant keywords, but you face some challenges to finding relevant  keywords.


Here some sources mention, and you can find it.

Use your LSI keyword from your market knowledge

Nowadays, LSI keywords are working fine, and you must know about your market, create web content, and read more about your market.

When you write content, then you must research your topic and also find LSI keywords.

For Exp. Your website sells nutrition, and you write web content to promote it and search content and use that type keywords like "nutrition for weight loss" or "organic nutrition".

Google suggestion

You search any topic on google then google show result in Google search result area.

But when you search for any keyword, then google shows some suggestions.

You insert your target keyword google search box then Google shows some keywords which users already search in google. Google show keyword autocomplete

what is lsi keyword

Google related keyword

Another method to find your target keyword on google and google show SERP and you scroll down and show "related searches" and find the best keyword.

lsi keyword tools

Amazon Suggestion

Another method to find your target keyword on google and google show SERP and you scroll down and show "related searches" and find the best keyword.

what is lsi keyword in seo

LSI keyword Generator

You can also find it with keyword finder tools. The LSI graph tool is the most popular tool for finding LSI keywords; it is also called LSI keyword generator. That tool is to find the best keyword related to your target keyword.

When you use this tool, you insert your target keyword in the search box and click the search icon, and then it will show a lot of  keywords related to your target keyword.

After showing those keywords, you can select as your intent, and you can use related content keywords what it shows below the screenshot.

LSI keyword


I will try to assemble all things about keywords, and I have been attempting to understand how to use it most effectively and what you don't do and cover where you find it.

When you use it in your content, then search engines better understand your content intent and information. That will help your content to increase your ranking.

You use LSI keywords, but you must know about your market, and you want to write any topic, before registering you must read about that topic.

Finally, I think you understand that topic if any query, please let me know.