Kulwant Nagi

Hello guys, Today, I will introduce a special guest in my interview series. Here present “interview with Kulwant Nagi.”

I will guarantee that after you throw that interview, then you learn more from his experience.

Q1. Hi Kulwant, Welcome to linksbalster. Can you please introduce yourself to the linksblaster audience.

Hey everyone. I am Kulwant Nagi, a full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, and an international speaker. I belong to a very small town in Haryana, and I have my basic schooling from government schools in the Hindi medium.

Currently, I am running an online marketing agency AffloSpark and owner of the best WordPress affiliate theme, AffiliateBooster.

Q2. When you decide, start blogging as a profession. What problem are you facing?

For me, it was extremely difficult when I started my blogging career in 2011. The family’s financial condition was very poor; there was no broadband in my city. I had very limited resources.

I did blogging for 18 months by using 2G mobile internet and made my first dollar after struggling for 7 months.

Q3. How much time do you get first income from blogging or affiliate?

As I said, I started my blogging career in 2011, but I became an affiliate marketer in 2014. For the first 3 years, I was in a struggling phase. Soon I found a software, I created a blog around it, and it made $200+ just after the first month.

So it took me 3 years to see some real success.

Q4. Were you starting blogging as a part-timer or full time when you are newbies?

I started my blogging career full-time as I had resigned from my job in June 2011, and after researching for 2-3 months, I started my first blog in September 2011. I started putting my maximum efforts because I knew that I am going to do it full-time.

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Q5. Please give your opinion if anyone wants to start blogging as a full time.

Blogging as a full-time career needs guts. Most people are so much trapped in the 9-5 job that they are afraid to make the decision. They are happy with their 25,000-40,000 INR per month salary, and they don’t want to raise their jobs

They are afraid to start blogging about a jobless person because they think it’s a kind of bubble that can burst anytime, and they will make no money.

I would say that blogging is one of the most beautiful professions if you do it in the right way. It has the power to fulfill your dreams, lives a stress-free life, and become your own boss.

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Q6. I believe that blogging takes time, but I want to know your thoughts and what you tell newbie bloggers.

Yes, for sure it’s going to take time.

How much time?

It depends on the level where you are right now. If you have zero knowledge of writing if you are technically not strong, and if you are not willing to learn new things, it might take 1-2 years to see some blogging success.

But if you have the above-said skills, you can see success in 6-8 months

Q7. What was your main motive when you started blogging, and what is your main revenue source?

Like all other bloggers, my main motive was money. Right now, my 90% of income comes with affiliate marketing.

Q8. Do you use Google AdSense in your blog? If yes, so please share Google AdSense potential?

My AdSense was banned in April 2013. I have never used AdSense after that.

Q9. Which is the best Google AdSense or affiliate marketing, and why?

You are asking a dancer which is best dancing or singing. 😀

Being an affiliate marketer for more than 6 years, I would say that affiliate marketing is much better than AdSense because it gives you growth opportunities.

Q10. Please disclose your success mantra for affiliate marketing.

You are doing ONE thing until you see the success in it.

Q11. Can you share with my audience how to get initial traffic to our new brand blog?

They can start promoting their blog on social media and question-answer websites.

Q12. What are your suggestions for all the newbies?

FOCUS on one thing and stop consuming free content on YouTube. You’ll end up consuming so much content that it will cause information overload, and you’ll take NO ACTION.