Hi Friends, You are finding a niche for blogging

Don't worry

I will help you with profitable, searchable, and your interest.

In this post, I will define "what is a niche," "How to find a profitable niche," and many more.

After you read this post, you able how to fix your niche for blogging.

Niche is profitable that means

Why Need a Niche for blogging?

Guy, when you start blogging, that means you begin to share your thought, but I tell you two ways-

  • Videos
  • By written

If you start to share your thought by written and publish on your website, that's called blogging.

You think which topic you have knowledge that you want to share with others.

Before you want to share your thought, first need to define your goal that you have knowledge that is required niche.

What is a blogging niche?

A blog niche is a particular topic in which you write a blog on that topic.

When you decide to write a blog or you are start blogging, then you create a blog website and choose which topic you publish your blog on your blogging site.

When you decide on a topic, that topic is called "Niche."

You start a blog you must have good knowledge about Hosting.

How do you find your niche for blogging?

You want to stabilize yourself as a blogger. Then you must require a website and niche because you want to write a blog, then you must have a topic and where it is published that blog, so you have required a website.

If you find your niche is profitable and interested, that's many ways.

But I will try to define a helpful and straightforward way.

Let's start-

Step1:- Consider what market around you

You make the first list of markets you have around you and your knowledge.

Then you short based on your knowledge about that market; you have more experience than the demand put on top.

I give you some market example-

How to find niche for blogging

From the above list, I am selecting market is  wealth.

Step2:- Consider in that market what is sub-market

After you make a market list, then think about the sub-market.

You select one market which you know better than the rest market. After selecting the market, you find the sub-market.

If you don't know what the is sub-market.

I define sub-market with an example-

How to find niche for blogging

If you select sub-market- Make Money Online

Step3:- You find your niche in that sub-market

After you list your sub-market. Then you think which sub-market you have better knowledge than then rest of the sub-market.

You find some little think I will example with example because I will better explain with an example.

How to find niche for blogging

You can make a blog with 3-4 niche but don't exceed niche that means you don't publish more than four niches one blog website.

If you publish more niche on one website, then your website is challenging to rank on the search engine.

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Make sure your niche profitable

Guys, when you select your niche, then you analyze that people investing money on your niche that means if you are select biography (Market) entertainment industry (Sub-market) Hollywood(niche), you start writing an article on biography.

Still, you think who can invest money that you are selecting I believe nobody is spending money if you want to earn money from your blog then the only way that are ads like Google AdSense, Media.net, and all online ads provider website.

So you first think which niche you are selecting who want to invest money.

If you are selecting a niche "Diet" and you start a blog and write an article, then people investing money like- Military Diet, Alkaline Diet.

Profitable Niche = Passion + Money

Find a topic for an article on your niche

After selecting a niche, then the second step what topic I will write a blog and how to find that topic.

I will explain step by step-

You first make a mindmap all niche and keyword.

Make money online

You are listing your niche, and you find sub-topics with the help of tools I tell you tools name that is  answer the public.

answer the public

You search topic by answer the public and manage on the mindmap tool, then you find on google which topic you are shortlisted. From answer the public and make a list top ten websites and analyze all sites with the help of website analyzer tools (ahrefs, semrush, Moz) if you want semrush sign here and give 30 days for a free trial.

After analyze and find the relevant keyword and make lists.

When you write an article, then all keyword use in your article. If you use more keywords, your article's most likely is to rank on search engines with more keywords.


Hi friends, I hope this post fulfills your requirement, and after reading this post, your query and doubt are clear.

I am trying to cover all think about finding a profitable niche for a newbie blogger who wants to start a blog, but he doesn't decide which niche he chooses and works on it.

Friends, If you have any questions related to finding a niche. You can tell me.