You are probably wondering why you should submit blogs to search engines when so much traffic is coming from social media. However, submitting your post to search engines is an extremely important task.

It is the fastest way to get your blog URL indexed in search engines. Social media is still important, and we are going to look at different ways to use it, but why not take advantage of the search engine submission site lists 2022. The best thing about them is that they will submit your post for free.

If you are starting your own online business or blogging, then you must require traffic for your site. But the most relevant traffic is organic traffic, so one question about how to get organic traffic, answer is that you submit your site URL or your blog URL on various search engine site.

In this post I will discuss –

What is a search engine submission site
and the importance of search engines for SEO
search engine submission sites?

What are Search Engine Submission sites in SEO?

Search engine submission is a way to get more organic traffic. When you submit your website on a search engine submission site, then it crawls your site and quickly submits to various search engines. Search Engine submission is a tool which uses one platform and submits various search engines.

Crawling is a technique which uses all search engines to utilize its elements and represent your website at the top of search engine result.

 When you submit your website on search engine submission sites, then your websites are visible on most of the search engines, because when you submit your website on search engine submission sites, then your websites get noticed by all search engines.

All major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, trace your website on other search engine results and calculate your website’s effectiveness as well as correctness.

Why do I need to submit a URL to a search engine?

Really you don’t know benefit of submit your website on search engine, If Yes, don’t worry I tell you website search engine submission benefit in this section.

Also, tell you when you submit your URLs then what you get. 

Do-follow Backlinks

When you submit your blog URL on search engine submission sites, then you get more quality backlinks from all search engine submission sites. 

Search Engine Submission sites

When you get backlinks from search engine sites, then your domain can get more authority.

Get More Traffic

Yes, you get more traffic from search engine when you submit your blog or website on search engine submission websites, because you get listed on more search engines, and you earn more organic and direct traffic for your site or blog.

Also, you get high – authority backlinks from search engine sites and that helps to increase your domain authority and rating.

High Authority comment backlinks site lists

Stable your Business Awareness

If you want to stabilize your blog or site as a brand and gain more credibility with your customers, then a search engine is the easiest way to grow your brand and its credibility.

When you get more traffic and get more new customers and interact with them and when you share your vision, service, and you ask him to share his experience and vote for you.

So you get more customers and also get more ratings and feedback.

Free Advertising

If you start a blog or business, then you want to increase your sales. But it is only possible when you start advertising like Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

But if you submit your business website URL on a search engine submission site, then you get more customers, and you can convert to selling and earn more money.

More Connect with our Audition

If you run any ads, then you get only targeted people, but if you want more auditions for free, then you more focus on the search engine.

When you submit your URL, then you get more traffic from worldwide, and you can target your worldwide customers. When you get more traffic, so that you can convert more sell.

How a Search Engine working, defined step by step

If you are a blogger or digital marketer, then it is most important to understand the search engine’s working principle. When you start a campaign for your business, then you must know about the search engine’s working algorithm.

Use of Google Search engine

Google is the most famous search engine in the online world. When you use Google to discover information, then Google displays all genuine and related information on its search engine result page.

When you are searching for a different thing on Google, Google shows all possible results within a fraction of a second. All results are related to your query.

Now you think about how Google actually works.

OK, Google’s work mainly depend on two factor One is crawling second is indexing. Not Google, every search engine works on these two factors. 

How to crawl your page

When you submit your blog URLs on search engine submission sites, that means you are allowing the search engines to store your site data in their database.

After your site’s URL submission Google bots or other search engine bots comes on your site and crawl your site page and database and all information like image, content, inbound links, outbound links etc. That process is called “crawling”.


Search engine bots follow this page to crawling.

Without indexing, Google is not able to show any query result. That means when Google does the indexing process, then it finds and discovers authority pages and relevant results for query.

Google allows you to submit URLs on its submission site because it helps their users to find reliable page and gather authenticated information for their query.

What is Indexing on Google?

One crawl is done, then immediate start indexing. And store all the captured data in a search engine database.

Maybe you are confused about crawling and indexing-

Crawling is discovering a new page or new change in an old page and fetching all the relevant details. After that, the indexing process starts and all the information stored is collected during crawling on the search engine database.

Other Famous Search Engine Sites

When you start to submit your URL on a search engine submission site, then you think which search engine is good for me, but I recommend that you submit your URL to all search engines no matter how famous it is.

You must earn organic traffic and organic backlinks. When you earn more organic traffic and backlinks, then you build trust and automatically rank up on all popular search engines. But nowadays, most popular search engines are Google Search Console, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, and

Free Search Engine Submission Site Lists 2022

Top Ranking Search engine lists

Sn.NameSearch engine submission sites URL
1Google Search Console

Top Free search submission sites

Sn.NameSearch engine submission sites URL
1Active Search Results
10Link Centre
11Social Submission Engine
12Secret Search Engine Labs

Free Search engine submission sites

Sn.NameSearch engine submission sites URL
1Info Tiger
424×7 Web Directory
6Elite Site Directory
7Free Web Submission
8Free PR Website Directory
9Directory Fire
10Social Submission Engine
11Secret Search Engine Labs
17A1 Web Directory
21Mad Submitter
24Free Web Submission



Ok!!!! I hope you understand search engine submission sites are important for your sites URL. When you submit your site’s URL then what you get back.

If you want to submit your site to every search engine, then you should utilize the search engine submission site feature and submit your URL to all search engines at one place.

Surely, you don’t have any doubt to submit search engine. When you use search engine submission then you get more traffic and quickly rank on the search engine.