Hi friend, Today I will share an idea with you about how to choose a domain name for your blog. You can randomly choose the domain name, but you should focus on your niche and choose domain name related to the niche.

If you start a blog or business online, then you must require a domain name.


but choosing a domain is not simple because this will present which niche is your Blog, so you don’t take it lightly. A domain name is important as a blog or business. A domain name makes a brand in the future like – Jio, Neil Patel.

In this post, I will guide you on the perfect way to choose a domain and choose the right domain.

I will give you 15 domain name generator tools and an idea of how to choose the perfect domain.

What is a domain name?

Most people think that domain names are only website IDs, but it is not a blog or website ID that is a tool. That has a specific feature.

Blogger tells you that you must choose related to your niche.

A domain name is your site’s location that individuals type in the program URL bar to visit your site.

For our situation, that linksblaster.com without a space name, individuals won’t have the option to discover you.

Notice how the space name has two sections. Perusing from the option to left, you can see:

The high-level space (TLD) is an expansion of – for example.

.COM second-level space (SLD) is the personality of your site – for example

Linksblaster TLD is needed for space to capacity, and you can browse several unique expansions.

Step 1 – Choose a Domain name include your own name

In this step, I will discuss whether you can use your own name, company name and many more options that can be used as a domain name.

Should I use my own name?

You can use your own name as a domain if you start a blog about you, or your personal blog, your business website then you can use your own name this is the right choice.

For example, you can consider the world’s best digital marketer Neil Patel.

Neil Patel starts a blog from his name and registers domain nielpatel.com, and he launches a digital marketing tool that’s name Ubersuggest, but the domain name is also the same.

When you buy a domain, you have two options: 1. You can use a brand name and 2. You can use your own name.

The brand name is the best option because knowing what service you provide first comes from your domain.

For example, if any SEO agency registers a domain, it includes SEO terms in its domain. That is present in his work area.

Should I use a keyword domain or a branded domain?

Your domain must have a Keyword that means your target keyword or rich must include your domain name.

For example – dietplan.com.

And second, you can also choose your branded name without your keywords or your niche.

For example, Samsung.com

A few years before, it was said that your domain name is the must-have keyword for SEO (search engine optimization) perspective, but nowadays, branded domains are also ranking good.

Should I use a generic or specific domain name?

If you want to use a generic or specific name, it chooses to challenge because no one knows about the future.

It may be suitable for choosing a domain which is related to your business. Still, the second thing you don’t want to make your business specific for the future. If you set a specific domain for your business website and start a new product or service, you face some trouble with SEO. So nobody wants to make his business specified.

For example – If you provide digital marketing services, then you choose a domain like – digitalmarketing.com.

But after a few years, you want to exceed your business and provide some more service like-link building service then your domain name is specific, so you must be changed, but it isn’t easy, so you must plan big for the future.

Step 2 — brandable domain name

In this step, you will realize how to get motivated and make your image a commendable space name. At this stage, it is smarter to concoct a small bunch of potential thoughts.

Pick a short name

Your domain name should be short because it is easy to remember, easy to type and spell.

For example, if you think about famous domains like google, Bing, Yahoo, Samsung, and Apple.

All branded domains are only one or two words that are good for SEO perspectives.

But it is challenging because you must find new work for a catchy, short, memorable, and niche or business-related word.

Make it Catchy and Memorable

You don’t take a long domain name. You take only one or two words domain. One or two words domain name like a branded and professional domain name. If you register a domain for Blog, our business website, you give first preference to a one-word for a perfect domain.

You see, there is someone or two words domain.






Check your competitors

When you analyze your competitor, then you find his Niche and his blog or website domain name. You will see his domain mostly related to the niche.

After you analyze your competitors, you must think of your domain name the same as your competitor.

For example, if you take health business, then your niche like diet, then your dietdaily.com.

Note: you see, most of the men have two wards.


Now guys, think about your business, and you want to write some words for your domain name.

But I told you don’t think more about writing quickly some words that come to your mind.

Only pick a few words related to your niche and pick one idea which you write.

Note: please try to write a minimum of 10 ideas and write 1 to 10 in sequence for which is most like you to place first and which you like less place on ten number.

Have a go at naming equations

Throughout the long term, Adam has dealt with a couple of sites with some top names.

So how can he do it?

At the point when he’s making an area name, he utilizes his wizardry recipe:

blog name = [topic or crowd group] + [end objective or transformation] For instance, here’s the means by which he applied the equation to his most recent webpage:

Channel Overload = [marketing funnels] + [creation and execution] Have a quick tip and check whether you can utilize the recipe for your area name.

Make new words

Occasionally it appears that which domain name you have chosen is good, but after some days you think that is not good, but you don’t disappoint.

Because you know the most popular names like Google, Amazon and Bing, all brands choose unique names then why don’t you do that?

If you want to help search for new words, you can use wordoid.com. You visit worddiet.com and on the left-hand side you choose language quality, pattern length and domain name.

After choosing options, then click create World Record then give you new ideas.

For example, if you want a high-quality domain in English that is no longer than ten characters.

If you want wordoid alternative, then you can also use domain name generator (domainws.com).

When you go to domainws.com when you enter your keywords, you can enter multiple keywords. You can still enter one keyword then press the enter button on your keyboard that means every keyword right and press enter key after entering keyword Please submit button on the website.

Merge words

Combining two words to shape another word is another method of making an interesting word. The method is known as a portmanteau, and the thought is to mix the sounds and implications of two words. For instance:

Step 3 – Things to check with your potential domain name

When you start a blog or business online, you must think about a perfect domain, but you must understand what you don’t do, it is worth checking a few facts.

Omit hyphens and numbers

Preferably, it would be best if you tried not to utilize hyphens and numbers in your area name. Numbers look somewhat messy – for example,

slidingwardrobes4u.com. Furthermore, hyphens (or runs) don’t look so great either – for example

123-reg.co.uk, in addition to quite possibly clients will fail to remember them, and enter 123reg.co.uk all things considered.

Make sure it looks right

Another check is to ensure your area name doesn’t spell different words coincidentally. For instance, the brand name Who Represents was alright until the words joined to frame the space name Whorepresents.com. It’s one of many humiliating cases.

Make sure it’s anything but difficult to type.

Following on the topic of good looks, attempt not to utilize twofold letters in your area name, which you may get when you join two words, similar to Magi cc ats.com. Once more, a possible client will fail to remember two letters, the equivalent and mistype the name.

Make sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell

When you register your two men, make sure it’s easy to pronounce and easy to memorize.

Because if your domain is complicated nobody can remember and tell about your domain.

And your domain must be correct spelling and catchy.


I committed this error with my first site, Byte of Data, and was persistently ensuring individuals utilized Byte instead of Bite.

Make sure the name is available on social media

When you finalize your domain name, then your next step is finding the domain name or available on all social media networks.

Social Media is part of overall branding.

You make sure all social media handles are the same as your domain name.

So that all people are familiar with your social media and your blog or business and easy to find you on social media and online.

The exact opposite thing you need is a claim for copyright or brand name encroachment, so ensure you check your potential space name on these administration sites:

US Copyright Office and US Patent and Trademark Office Also, don’t be enticed to attempt to utilize a grounded brand name on a lesser-referred to gTLD, for example, Facebook. The agency, because the organization will work in all likelihood, will challenge you, and you’ll be facing a losing conflict.

Step 4 – Use the best domain name extension

Before, we saw that .com is the most popular extension, and user types first when we type on the browser. If a website URL type is in a browser, we give first preference .com.

It is the most popular extension .com, and also it is the most trusted and stabilizer extension. It is available if you go with it first preference.

If .com is not available for your domain, you consider using another TLD like .Net, .org, etc. If you face your domain name registered and another country with .com Extension and register with other Extension like .Net, the same is the leading traffic you get from.com extension.

Choose your ccTLD

When you start a blog or business as country-specific, you must register country TLDs like – .in, .co.uk, etc.

For example, if you open a business like real estate, you must choose .in TLD for a specific country. That is very powerful.

Consider other domain extensions

Friends nowadays hundreds of extensions are available, so you can select domain extensions from hundreds of domain extensions.

Nowadays, many new domain extensions are being added to the domain registrars; if you start any digital tool, you choose the .io extension.

15 Blog Name Generators to Spur Domain Name Ideas

When you think about a good domain name, it is sometimes challenging, but thanks to domain generator AI tools giving you a good domain name suggestion.

And you can find more options and choose a good name related to your blog niche or business.

Here I will share 15 domain generator AI tools that help you find a good domain name.


Domain name finder




Lean Domain Search

Shopify’s Business Name Generator

Free business name generator

Codename Generator

Codename Generator

Cool Name Ideas

Brand Name Generator

Dictionary Domains

Domain name idea search


domain Generator


business name generator


free business name generator

Domain Maker (BustAName)

Business domain generator


good domain name


domain name generator

Free Domain Generator

free domain name generator

Dot O Mator

dot o mator

How to buy your domain name

You finalize your domain name by following the points mentioned above; now, the next step to buy your domain is.

But you must make sure your register is faithful or not, and that the company registers with ICANN (Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers).

Because I have a painful experience, I will discuss with you what happened.

I bought hosting with mewnix.com, and my website was hosted for eight months, and after eight months, my website was deleted, so don’t buy it like that hosting company.

You buy your domain name from many places, but I recommend Namecheap.


I suggest you don’t buy the domain and hosting plan in the same place, that means domain buy one provider and hosting by another provider both are separate.



Guys, do you know why everyone is searching for the right domain?


you are right everyone wants the first impression and for a long time run from his domain name. Everybody wants to make a brand, and then the domain is the best option.

So it would be best if you focused on a good and attractive domain. So I tell you again that you take time and follow the above tips that help you choose the right domain.

If that blog helps you choose your right domain, share that blog on your social media.