Blog submission sites- Best list of Blog submission sites in 2020

Blog submission sites

Hi friend, you are searching for the free blog submission site 2020 on the internet.

Don't worry

I will share with you an authoritative blog submission sites which is DA and PA very high, and the spam score is very less.

If you want these websites so flow my blog instruction and get high-quality blog submission sites.

The blog submission site helps you to increase your blog ranking on search engines and create backlinks also

Blog submission is an easy way of creating high-quality backlinks.

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What is the blog submission site?

The blog submission sites are defined as which are allowed to submit your blog under a suitable category, brand and create a good quality backlink for your website to improve SEO.

When you post your blog on the blog submission site, then you earn many backlinks for your blog, which is published on your website.

When you submitted your blog then you create a do-follow backlink but some time created no-follow also, but both are good for your website.

When you submitted your blog first you care about submission site this is not a bad site link its spam score is not high if this is spammy maybe your website penalizes by google.

How is work on blog submission sites

Now we are discussing how is work on the submission site.

I will provide you blog submission sites in this post you get all submission sites and open one by one and submit your blog.

Mainly all submission site required some information from you, e.g.-

  • Your blog URL
  • Your blog titles.
  • Your blog descriptions (some submission sites)
  • Your feed URL.
  • Your email ID.

After all required fill then click on submit button then 5-10 minutes your blog submitted.

Why important to submit your blog on blog submission sites

If you are submitting your blog on blog submission site with careful and flow above instructions properly. Then you get many benefits in a few minutes, e.g.-

  • You create many do-follow backlinks.
  • Your blog increases its ranking on search engines.
  • After submitting your blog on submission site then your blog posts fast indexing on search engines.
  • After submission get more traffic on your blog
  • domain authority increases by submission.

That means you get many benefits from one activity; this is an excellent method for increasing traffic and ranking of your blog.

Blog submission Sites full tutorial video

Blog submission sites lists


Q.1. Why are we need to blog the submission site?

If we want our blog to get more traffic and backlinks, so we need to submit our blog on blog submission sites.

Q.2. What is benefit blog submission?

You submit your blog on blog submission sites then you get more benefit-

  • Many Backlinks
  • More traffic
  • Fast indexing
  • Increase website authority
  • Increase your ranking on search engines
  • Q.3. How do you blog submission?

    You can open the blog submission site and flow instructions and submitted your blog.

    Q.4. How to get blog submission sites?

    You can visit my blog then you get 125+ blog submission sites.

    Q.5. Will backlinks be indexed from blog submission sites?

    Yes, mostly backlinks index after a few days, but some backlinks one or two months have taken.


    Hi Guys, at last

    I hope you understand that "what is blog submission and how to work," and also, you get 125+ blog submission sites.

    This blog only can help you, and I say with confidence that you take benefit from this blog for your blog and website.

    And if you have any queries, then I will thankful that i solve your question.

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