Do you want to do good on-page SEO for your website or blog?

Do you want to increase your organic ranking and organic traffic?

If yes;

Then stay with me.

Hey, newbie bloggers who will want to establish themselves as pro bloggers in the future.

I will describe the blog description for your blog and post.

But You must know why Several articles do not show on Google’s first page because that post has several problems, but one of the biggest problems is that it doesn’t have a perfect blog description.

But many guys don’t take their blog description.

Your blog or post description is showing on SERP before your post or blog link.

Blog description

In this post, I will describe the About blog description in-depth with some highlights below-

Blog description
Post description
What is the difference between them?
How to write a perfect blog post Description
some good examples

All doubt is clear after reading this post.

let’s start.

Why is this post so important?

This post is most important for those who don’t know the importance of an adequate blog description. When you write a post, you want to rank on Google, but you also know that that’s not possible without SEO.

If you write long blog content, include a table of content and primary keyword then may be ranked your article on a search engine, but you don’t more click without an eye-catching, effective blog description.

If your blog post description is good, you get more clicks, and if your post content is good, then visitors spend more time on your blog.

So that post is important because of my deep knowledge of blog description writing.

How to write an awesome blog description

When you start a blog, you aim to get organic traffic on your target keyword, and you also want to decrease your bounce rate.

Then it would help if you defined a description of a blog that is attractive for more clicks.

But the question is how to write?

First, you know which platform you start a blog on, blogger or WordPress, etc. That means you host your blog on WordPress, Wix, Blogger, or custom coding.

If you require a description in code, you can use the blog description generator tool.

If you use WordPress, then you also use SEO plugins, then you can write quickly.

I will show you the plugin rank Math and Yoast SEO.

If you are using rank math SEO, then you can follow the steps.

RankMath → Title & meta -→ Homepage

Meta tags

If you use Yoast SEO, you can follow these steps.

Yoast SEO →Search Appearance →General

yoast SEO

OK, you can include the below type words and make your meta description eye-catchy and click-worthy.

It would help if you used the LSI keyword, medium, and long-tail keywords.

Use Curiosity words.

Use Curiosity words.
Use power words.
You delivered what topic to discuss in this post in 160 words.

If you use that, then you also see your click-through rate is high.

Why are there important descriptions in the blog?

When you publish a blog or post, you want to get organic traffic, but you get an organic impression; you don’t get organic clicks.

Right Because you don’t have the right eye-catching meta description blog, so no one clicks your link, that’s why your CTR is very low.

When you write effective meta tags, you define in 160 characters what you want to deliver information to your audience.

What is your topic? That means which knowledge you share with him.

The meta description is also a Google ranking factor, which helps you rank in Google and other search engines.

How long should a long meta description blog be?

The meta description can write in as many characters as written in a tweet on Twitter.

Many descriptions are longer than 150 characters, but blog and post authors generally write a short description that means 150 characters or fewer.

In general, you must include a focus keyword and write a call to action content; you also include the audience’s pain point.

How to write a powerful blog post description

When you publish a post on your website, you must do on-page SEO before publishing that post. You must insert your focus keyword in the URL title, separating content and meta description.

When you write a post meta description, you must focus on the topic below.

Keyword:– you insert your focus keyword in your post meta description. That keyword is automatically involved when searching on Google.

meta description

Write a good copy:- you make sure Don’t stuff a keyword. You generate curiosity in your description and gain CTR.

The description is suitable for regular human reading, and you can easily understand what you define in this post.

Don’t create a duplicate meta description:-when you write a post meta description, you must remember that you don’t write a description the same as an old post if you are not suitable for SEO.

Description length:- You must define what you want to describe in this post and its benefits when reading this post.

But it would help if you remember, you write everything in 160 characters.

Call to Action:- When you write a description, you must use CTA, which means you can create “arouse curiosity,” which increases your fever and increases CTR.

How to optimize your keywords in the blog meta description

When you write a post or blog meta description, you must write with an intent full of eye-catching good copy and arouse curiosity.

Now discuss how to use keywords in blog descriptions.

You follow Below Point.

Focus Keyword

You include your focus keyword in your description; don’t illegal stuffing your keywords. You use your focus keywords naturally.

LSI Keyword

You must use at least one LSI keyword that boosts your ranking and helps you rank in search engines organically.

Medium Tail Keyword

Search for your focus keywords on and see your focus keywords are medium tail keywords. Medium tail keywords are less intent. That means the search for general information and nothing else.

Long-tail keyword

Use long-tail keyword long-tail keyword is a full intent keyword that represents the search like “Samsung smart TV under 15000”. This keyword search found that means he wants to buy a smart TV and a specific brand that is most probably to buy this.

Some blog description examples

You create a perfect blog description easily. If you don’t know how to make eye-catching meta descriptions, then most probably you create the wrong description.

You don’t make a mistake, so; I tell you the difference between a good meta description and a bad meta description.

Some bad meta description examples.

When you write a description, it should not be a keyword and what you say in this description means what you write makes sense or does not you wrong mentioning what you say.

It leaves a blank meta description.

blog description

This snapshot doesn’t have a description. If anyone searches for the best burger, see this blog on Google search engine but not transparent that what did define in this post discusses the best burger shops, the best burger restaurant, and the best burger type.

meta description blog

In this snapshot, you search for the best BT headphones. That means you want to know about that feature and the best option, but hair, not good to mention what information delivers to you and not the best-optimized keyword, long tail, and LSI keyword.

meta description blog

In this snapshot, if you search on Google for “best gaming laptop under 50000”, you find this link, but this blog description is not good because it did not organize and only focuses on stuffing keywords.

Some good meta description examples. You should follow the above step and write a good post description for your post. Below are some good meta description examples.

In this snapshot

description blog

you find the “best burger” on, then you look on the search result page and see that website.

  • Focus keyword– the best burger
  • Long-tail keyword– the best burger in Delhi NCR
  • Medium keyboard– the burger place in Delhi NCR
  • LSI keyword– Menu, photos, rating, and review of the best burger restaurant
blog description examples

This snapshot keyword is the best SEO service. Then you searched for this keyword on, and then you saw this screenshot on the Google search page.

You also find below

  • Focus keyword- the best SEO service
  • LSI keyword- the best SEO service company in Delhi


Bonus: Using plugins like the Yoast SEO plugin, rank math SEO plugin to make your titles and descriptions SEO-ready.


Here I try to define blog description writing.

I have covered how to write, what to write and what to include in description writing and discussed how to make a more effective meta description.

Writing a blog description is a small thing, but it can help your blog out tremendously.

Guys, I have given you all the information about the meta description.

Now your turn to tell me about that post, and I’ll show you comment if you have more knowledge about that topic. If you like that post, so share it on your social media.