Black hat SEO, white hat SEO and gray hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO,Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used in many different ways. The color of the way you are going to do it is only determined by the SEO philosophy and methods used to optimize sites. Generally speaking:

  • SEO black hat
  • SEO white hat
  • SEO gray hat

As an affiliate, it is important to understand the difference and risks between SEO Hats .

Black hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

The black hat SEO is also known as SEO spam, and it is when someone creates websites that have little or no value, that are intended to mislead search engines and deliver irrelevant or low-quality search results.

The Black Hat SEO largely takes advantage of technology and automation in order to create tons of low quality sites, and get inbound links from other websites (spam links). Once the visitor has reached the website, the website owner will often use some form of cover-up or I will redirect the visitor to show a product sales page, that is the goal of the technical reality of black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO is about getting quick results. The method is used to optimize your website and often get your website to the top of the search engines very quickly, but when search engines detect the website, the website can be blocked or banned.

Black Hat Strategy

  • Automate content
  • Hidden text or link
  • Negative Keyword stuffing
  • Spam markup
  • Hide identity
  • Guest Publishing Network
  • Negative SEO

Automate content

Automatic content is a mechanism that automatically creates a large amount of content without hassle by using a CMS or the-like to feed external sites, related keywords, and keyword lists using RSS.

Black hat SEO

Hidden text or link

Hidden links are links that are difficult for users to find (or keep hidden).

Hidden links are sometimes used for games such as link-finding games, but they are also used for ranking operations aiming to display search results in higher positions.
Intentionally hidden links are prohibited in violation of Google guidelines. Google's crawlers have become very technical in recent years, and these violations are almost certainly detected.

Negative Keyword stuffing

It is a technique that involves the excessive use of keywords in a text with the clumsy goal of giving more relevance to this word. Google very often penalizes this type of over-optimization.

To avoid any negative action by Google, the texts must always be written to provide value to the user, and in a way that best suits your audience profile. If the text is able to provide useful, original and well-summarized information, this will be a better indicator for Google than any variation in the number of keywords in the text.

back hat SEO

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is an attempt to lower the search the ranking of a site by placing a low-quality backlink (spam link) on another site. It is a kind of harassment. It is mainly used to block the ranking of rival companies sites and lower the ranking

Negative SEO

Spam markup

This is a very common practice today, which now only serves to invite clicks, since all forum sites, comments and Facebook itself use the "nofollow index" for all external links, that is, no engine score for these links.

Spam markup

Guest Publishing Network

Guest Publishing Network is the best SEO technique but if you go wrong way so this is harmful technique. If you guest post your original post then it is possible to site owner you penalized  

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