Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Friends, you want a free online plagiarism checker with percentage.

If yes,

Today, I will discuss in this post about the best free plagiarism checker tools for students and bloggers.

Why Need a Plagiarism checker?

When you hire a content writer and you give him a topic for writing, he delivers you a content then you check that content is unique or plagiarist content.

And second condition, if you are writing content with help to another website post then you must check your content plagiarism.

If your content is plagiarist content then Google treats as a copy content and also affect your website SEO (search engine optimization)

How to check Plagiarism on your content with best free plagiarism checker tools?

If you copied your content from anywhere and spin it or you write your content yourself and you hire a content writer and you also want to check his content is unique or not then check plagiarism.

You can find good and trust plagiarism checker software or websites and pest your content and check your content plagiarism.

After you found plagiarism on your content then one question came to your mind “How to remove plagiarism”.

If you found plagiarism on your content then you must rewrite your content.

In this post I will discuss 11+ plagiarism checker tools.

Let’s start

PaperRater tool is a powerful plagiarism checker tool. In this tool add-on service is available so make sure checkbox checked on plagiarism check.

This tool uses more than 140 countries because this tool is used for multipurpose plagiarism checkers.



  • 3 Tools- Grammar checker, Vocabulary builder, plagiarism checker
  • Developed by computational linguists and subject experts
  • Fast result


  • Don’t save result

Copyleaks is another plagiarism checker tool that is a highly accurate content checker.

Copyleaks is a free version with limitations if you create an account then you can check content plagiarism 10 pages per month.



  • This tool for education and business
  • Multiple file format and language support.
  • It has a variety of tools.


  • You can use if only after signing up an account
  • 10 page per month in free account

Plagscan is a fully cloud-based platform; this is also suitable for students and business.

You can check plagiarism from URL, local file and paste plain text.


  • Fully online software no need to download
  • Multiple ways to check plagiarism
  • No subscription needed
  • Integration feature available.


  • Relatively to other tools more complicated interface.

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This tool is easy to use and user-friendly UI; you can copy and paste your content and click on the search button then tool search content on the Google index page.

Plagiarism Checker


  • This is the easiest use of tools for free plagiarism checkers.
  • Only check if your content is plagiarized.
  • Cloud base platform


  • This is supported only 2 search engine

Quetext is easy to use. You can copy plain text and paste on the text box and check plagiarism.



  • 2500 word check plagiarism for free.
  • Textual analysis
  • No need to download


  • Paid service available.
  • Report download only paid service.

This tool mostly uses newbie and student because this is free.

You can check plagiarism via URL, local file, or plain content.

No need to sign up or give personal information.

You can see the result; this tool shows plagiarism vs. unique content in percentage and shows plagiarism source.

Small SEO Tools


  • 100% free tool use anyone
  • Multipurpose tools.
  • Plagiarism check with a local file, URL, and plain text content.


  • Content word limited

This is also free; plagiarism is working fine. Plagiarism is easy to use to enter your content and check plagiarism and show plagiarism in your text.



  • Easy to use, only copy and paste the text.
  • Up to 5000 character plagiarism for free


  • Only limited feature for free

This is an online plagiarism checker tool. It has 5 different plagiarism checker software tools.

Plagiarism Hunt


  • You can check 5 different plagiarism checker tools in one click
  • You contain your content for free
  • No need for any registration.


  • Tool speed slow means show the plagiarism result delay.

One of the best plagiarism checker free tools is dupli checker. This tool also uses automation like a grammar checker and spelling checker.

Dupli Checker


  • Totally free software for useThis is user-friendly
  • You can check plagiarism by plain text copy and paste or upload a Docx file.
  • 50 plagiarism check for register user


  • One time check plagiarism for not registering a user.

Plagiarism is easy to use as a plagiarism tool. This is used by teachers, students, writers, and the various uses of writing and blogging industries.



  • This tool available for 190+ language supports.
  • You can check plagiarism by URL, files, and plain text.
  • Extension available for Chrome and Firefox browser


  • A limited number of uses per day


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