About Us

Hi friends,

I am Braj Bhooshan, and thank you for visiting “about us on linksblaster.com”.

If you visit that page, you want to know more about me and my plan and aim.


Friend, I told you some face about linksblaster and my aim in future and present.

Let’s start to point out by bullet point then define-

Share knowledge to my audience
Help to blogger by mu post and youtube channel
Earn money from blogging
Famous my name in the blogger community

Those are the points on which I start a blog.

Friends, first I will tell you my short introduction.

My name is Braj Bhooshan, and I have been doing a private job for eight years. My role initially was in a different field then after three years switching to digital marketing.

During work, I am happy but not fully satisfied then I decide to start blogging and stabilized my career as a pro-blogger.

Why I am starting Linksblaster and why I am choosing that name?

Friends, linksblaster is a blog site, here I publish helpful content related to blogging, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and Backlinks.

My first aim is to help everyone who visits my site based on my knowledge.

Then create a good friend community to at last earn money.

You can ask any question related to blogging, digital marketing, etc.

You can connect with me on my social platforms.